Poolfish (poolfish.xyz)  | Seattle, WA                     8/23 - present
  • Acquired the website for $37k
  • Growing the traffic and building a SaaS on top
  • Tool for crypto liquidity providers

Freelance  | Seattle, WA                     3/23 - present
Fullstack engineer
  • Working to fulfill clients needs
  • Working part time and helping businesses in early stage
  • Worked no multiple different projects and frameworks

City Clash (cityclash.io)  | Seattle, WA                     12/21 - present
  • Created the solidity smart contracts
  • Built the dApp with Next.js, React, and interfacing with web3
  • Project in the Treasure/Arbitrum ecosystem

Potion (Acquired)  | Seattle, WA                             11/20 - 4/23
  • Potion is a website builder built on top of Notion
  • Grew Potion to $6k+ MRR.
  • Built all the software and biz solo

Supportman (Acquired)  | Seattle, WA                       1/20 - 6/21
  • Supportman is a tool for support teams using Intercom and Slack
  • Worked closely with customers doing Customer Discovery and solving their problems
  • Built a web app/Slack solution using React, Node.js, Express.js, Typescript, & MongoDB
  • Built on top of the Intercom and Slack APIs

Vizio  | Seattle, WA                               10/19 - 10/21
iOS Software Developer
  • Worked on the Vizio Smartcast iOS digital remote app
  • Created and maintained features used by hundreds of thousands of users daily
  • Followed agile practices with a team of 14

CoffeePass (Acquired) | Dayton, OH                     2/18 - 5/20
Co-Founder and CTO
  • CoffeePass is a platform for local coffee shops that allows them to offer order-ahead services
  • Architect and builder of three CoffeePass Applications
  • Ran sales and onboarded 17 shops
  • Full stack development with React, React-Native, Python-Flask, and MySQL
  • Managed 3 software developer interns

Ball Aerospace | Wright-Patterson AFB, OH           1/17 - 1/19
Android/iOS Developer
  • Built an Android application from the ground up in Kotlin for special-ops teams
  • Received a US Patent and the app is now being used across the US Air Force
  • Interacted with clients to receive feedback to make the product better
  • Used technologies such as java, Android, javaRX, and iOS