My New Day Job

My New Day Job

Feb 28, 2021 12:22 AM
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Iwanted to give you a little update on my life so that you can have some context. Your day job definitely affects your entrepreneurial endeavors. It is all part of the journey. How much time I spend elsewhere affects how much time I can spend on my business.
About 15 months ago I went part time (20 hours a week) on my day job. I was an android developer working mostly for the US military. Working only 20 hours a week allowed me to put a lot more time into building CoffeePass.
Then in February of 2019, I went full time CoffeePass. Things were looking up and I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to make “something great”. We were definitely able to figure out a lot more with the business putting 50 hours in a week. We also figured out some things that weren’t working. We weren’t able to grow revenue as fast as we hoped.
I’m skipping a little bit of the story for now but anyways; with things not going as well, we decided to get full time jobs again. The last couple of months I have been preparing for technical interviews and applying to jobs.
I currently live in Ohio but wanted to move to Seattle, Washington because my wife’s family lives there. I’m also really excited about the tech space and all the startups there. I hope to get involved in the entrepreneur community there and learn more from others.
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So, I got hired on at Vizio as an iOS developer! If you don’t know, Vizio is a big tv company in the US. I’m excited to learn more about being on a software team and bolster my technical skills in iOS.
We will be moving to Seattle next week! I am definitely excited about all the new change.
I am a little bit nervous about what this will do to my entrepreneurial endeavors however. I know I want to build a company and I think it will definitely feel slower having to do it on the side.
On the bright side, this is probably where most of you reading are. You most likely have some kind of day job and have to work for someone else before you can work on what you really care about.
I think it is still possible to make something great with this setup! In some ways it may even be ideal for the bootstrapper. Not having to worry about your expenses and how you are going to live. On the side you can test the waters with your product and see if you have something that floats.
This is what I plan to do. I hope you follow me along on this journey!