The cost to run my SaaS

The cost to run my SaaS

Jun 11, 2021 08:38 AM
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One of the best things about a SaaS is high margins. It doesn't cost very much to run a SaaS. It's very scaleable. I am pretty lenient about paying for products to help me run my own SaaS. If I think it will help me save time, I'll pay for it.
I actually didn't know how much I was paying for all the SaaS products I use. So I decided to look into it and see how much it costs me to run my SaaS.
Just to give you some context of the scale of my business so far, Potion is currently at $1,344 MRR with 155 paying customers.



That is a 90% margin. Not too bad! The great thing is that this price will scale. My hosting costs won't go up too much more. At some point I may need to upgrade my Heroku servers but that won't even happen till I triple in size. My margin will continue to grow.
I hope this was helpful in some way for your journey! If you have any questions reach out on Twitter!